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Suzanne Steeghs paints in an abstract and intuitive style.

Check out the available work. Check out the available work.

Created through self-reflection and personal search


Deep connection with nature

Suzanne Steeghs is a painter who has a deep connection to nature. For her, the natural world around her is a source of inspiration, peace and comfort. As a painter, she has a direct response to her emotional connection to the forest, the earth and the colors she sees around her. Through her work, she tries to convey the intensity of these experiences to the viewer.

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In search of

Suzanne Steeghs strives for authenticity in her work and her life. She is guided by her intuition and her desire to understand the world around her. Through her paintings she tries to take the viewer into her view of nature and the world around us, and inspire greater awareness and connection with our environment.

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