Payment Terms from the General Terms and Conditions

Article 2 – Company Identity

Suzanne Steeghs Productions
Pietersbergseweg 54
6862 BW Oosterbeek

Suzanne +31 (0) 6 153 45 461

Chamber of Commerce number 91636205VAT identification number: NL004905594B53 Account number: NL21INGB0102793549

Article 7 – The Price

7.1. If Suzanne Steeghs Productions agrees on a certain price with the purchaser, it nevertheless reserves the right to increase the price. At delivery, Suzanne Steeghs Productions may charge the prevailing price according to the current price list at that time. Suzanne Steeghs Productions will inform the buyer of any price increases in advance of delivery if possible.

7.2. The prices listed in the offer of products or services are exclusive of VAT and exclude other government levies and shipping costs.

7.3. All prices on the site are subject to human errors in posting to the website. In the event of technical errors or malfunctions, Suzanne Steeghs Productions is not bound by the prices listed on the website. The currently applicable price list will always prevail.

7.4. In the Netherlands, shipping costs amount to €0.00. For shipping to other countries, we charge €50 ex VAT.

Article 12 – Termination of the Agreement between Parties

12.1. If circumstances arise concerning personnel and/or materials that Suzanne Steeghs Productions uses or tends to use in the execution of the agreement, which are of such a nature that the execution of the agreement becomes impossible or so burdensome and/or disproportionately costly, that compliance with the agreement can no longer reasonably be demanded, Suzanne Steeghs Productions is authorized to dissolve the agreement without owing any compensation or indemnification.

12.2. The products of Suzanne Steeghs Productions have certain quality and presentation standards and must be presented by the buyer in a similar manner. If Suzanne Steeghs Productions disagrees with the way the buyer presents the products to consumers, Suzanne Steeghs Productions reserves the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect with the buyer.

12.3. Suzanne Steeghs Productions reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the agreement with the buyer, provided that a reasonable notice period of two months is observed.

Article 13 – Warranty

13.1. Suzanne Steeghs Productions guarantees – however, subject to Article 14 of these conditions – towards the buyer that the goods sold fulfill the known or customary quality requirements between parties for a reasonable period, varying by product.

13.2. Excluded from the warranty are: day-fresh products and/or products that generally comply with fresh requirements. All such fresh requirements fall entirely under the responsibility of the buyer after delivery.

13.3. The buyer is obliged to demonstrate that the item shows a defect within the warranty period for this warranty to apply. The warranty is void if the relevant type or serial number or batch number of an item has been removed or altered.

13.4. If the warranty mentioned in subsection 1 applies and the item shows a defect, Suzanne Steeghs Productions is obliged, within fourteen days after the buyer has reported the defect, to repair the item – at the choice of Suzanne Steeghs Productions – or to replace the product.

13.5. The buyer may only demand replacement of the item or dissolution of the purchase agreement if: – the seller has twice made a futile attempt to repair the same defect and this defect is serious enough to justify replacement or dissolution, or – if the buyer demonstrates that the item has so many defects or has shown that it does not comply with the agreement and that these defects justify replacement or dissolution.

13.6. The warranty is void if the buyer causes the damage by incorrect handling of a guaranteed item.

Article 14 – Liability

14.1. For defects in delivered goods, liability is regulated as provided in these conditions.

14.2. Suzanne Steeghs Productions is not the producer of the products she sells. Therefore, Suzanne Steeghs Productions does not have product liability. Only if the warranty obligations relating to the products delivered by the company are not assumed by third parties, such as manufacturers, may the consumer make claims against Suzanne Steeghs Productions, provided that the consumer’s damage is directly and exclusively the result of Suzanne Steeghs Productions’ fault.

14.3. Suzanne Steeghs Productions cannot in any way be held liable by the consumer for any damage of any kind, suffered by anyone, arising from or related to products delivered by Suzanne Steeghs Productions but manufactured by third parties, although the company will provide the consumer with necessary information if possible for recourse on that third party.

14.4. The above limitations do not apply if the damage is due to intent or a demonstrable gross negligence of Suzanne Steeghs Productions.

Article 15- Force Majeure

15.1. Force majeure includes circumstances that prevent the fulfillment of the obligation and are not attributable to Suzanne Steeghs Productions. To the extent that these circumstances make fulfillment impossible or unreasonably difficult, it shall include:

Strikes within the company of Suzanne Steeghs Productions;

Strikes within the companies of the producers of the products sold by Suzanne Steeghs Productions;

A general shortage of the required fresh products and other goods or services necessary to deliver the agreed performance;

Unanticipated stagnations at suppliers or other third parties on which Suzanne Steeghs Productions depends, and general transportation problems;


15.2. Suzanne Steeghs Productions also reserves the right to invoke force majeure if the circumstance hindering (further) compliance occurs after it had to fulfill its commitment.

15.3. During force majeure, the delivery obligations and other obligations of Suzanne Steeghs Productions are suspended. If the period during which fulfillment of the obligations by Suzanne Steeghs Productions is not possible due to force majeure lasts longer than one month, both parties are entitled to dissolve the purchase agreement without any obligation for compensation.